National Sleep Awareness Week Contest

So No one responded to my last contest. I knew it was a little hard but I was really hoping to see some interesting stories develop from there. Anyway…. Meanwhile, I have a prize to give away!

Ok so lets make this new contest super easy because I have an important announcement later this week when I reveal the winners.

I am thinking of a number between 1 and 100. In the comments below, (below, as in on this page, not on Facebook,) please tell me what number you think it is AND why I chose that number. Its easier than you may think! The first person to answer correctly wins!

There will only be one prize, a hand made book bag by yours truly, consisting of a dream journal, a copy of “Aberrations” by Penelop Przekop and an autographed copy of “Wide Awake and Dreaming” by Julie Flygare. I will verify the winner in my next blog post! Good luck everyone!



Sweet! We have a winner!

I have closed comments, and will post more on this tomorrow, but for now, I am off to bed. I have a sleep doc appointment in the morning!

17 thoughts on “National Sleep Awareness Week Contest

  1. Bri Naslund says:

    9 – Suddenly Sleepy Saturday!

  2. laura j. evert says:

    whatever number national sleep week this is. but i don’t know that number + can’t find it. i’m guessing 5?

  3. laura j. evert says:

    i change that to 22. 22 years of the american sleep poll…

  4. Liz says:

    Because it is in the middle and reflects the “glass half empty half full”scenario that can be applied to our lives. Life , -especially ones faced with extra challenges- depends on attitude. with the right mindset and people to share with, be it through support groups and blogs etc is half full of awesome, with room for more!

  5. Lorrie says:

    Umm…47 ?…because it’s my husbands favorite number and he has N…so maybe it’s your number too…lol

  6. Lisa Chapman says:

    Number 2 because it’s the closest number to look like the letter Z….. and I have zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s all the time! LOL

  7. Annzie Hine says:

    3 guesses, 26 = the letter Z in the alphabet, or 52 for ZZ, or 78 for ZZZ

  8. Robert says:

    89 five star reviews on Amazon

  9. Mike says:

    26… Number of miles in a marathon!

  10. Gary says:

    12, as representing years dx with N or sleep disorder

  11. Ming says:

    3 cause the month of March and the number of books you are giving away.

  12. miander42 says:

    42 – It’s the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

  13. Bridgette S. says:

    9, because it’s March 3, 2013 and because March 9th is Sleepy Saturday 🙂

  14. Danielle Raines says:

    9 because March 9th is Suddenly Sleepy Saturday/Narcolepsy Awareness Day!

  15. Jess says:

    Hmmm… 5, for the stages of sleep.
    90, for the average sleep cycle length?

  16. Bri Naslund says:

    Or 1, for the number of prizes you’re giving away!

  17. Stacy Ickes says:

    20 because there is 20 chapters in your wonderful book.

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