PWN Real Life Scary Halloween Story: Hallucination vs. Reality, Sometimes Life is Stranger than Fiction

So I woke up from my nap a while ago because there was lot of movement and noise coming from down stairs. I looked at the clock and it was not time for my parents to be home. I considered the likely hood I was just not quite truly awake yet. Mom had mentioned something about early release at school, but I had thought it was happening tomorrow?  So I texted her, thinking, I will hear her phone ring if she is in fact downstairs, only it didn’t. She wrote back saying they were not there till nearly 5. Meanwhile all this noise was going on below me, and I was just “sure” I was really awake by now… Wasn’t I?

I grew up in a very old house. you just dont get out of bed and investigate weirdness like that. Every splinter of this wood floor creaks louder than a jet engine. (Was a severe damper on trying to sneak out as a kid.) Meanwhile… I had to decide if this was a 911 moment or if there was some other rational explanation… I lay there very flat and very still slipping in and out of cataplexy as I tried to logic my way out of every terrifying thing that came to mind. Before I could come up with anything fathomable enough to avoid a visit from the Mansfield Police, the rustling and shuffling and banging about, made its way up the stairs very quickly… and yet oddly… no squeaky floor. That is about the time all logic, that I could come up with flew out the window.
I had no idea what to think. Here in this town, where the negativity is so high, and the sickening animism hovers over the city like a cold blanket of death… Burglars and rapist were no longer on my list of possibilities. I traded them in for demons and ghost. (Seriously, a valid concern. This town will give Savannah Ga a run for its money any day.) Having once been told I was a beacon, a light for those who are trapped in the darkness, This scenario really did not hold much surprise, though I was not particularly eager to deal with it. As hard as I generally try to rationalize everything that crosses my path, There are just some things you have to accept as they are: Just Freaking Crazy.

Happily, before anyone uttered the word “BOO” (also happily before I pee’d myself), The noise came rushing down the hall and flew into the bedroom, landing on the curtain rod. This little Grey Catbird, looked at me, *meowed* and proceeded to fly about the room annoyed that I had not yet opened a window for him. (Because clearly, he let me know he was coming…) All to pleased he was not wearing a sheet and rattling chains, or worse yet, trying to steal my computer, I jumped up off the bed and proceeded to open the window, allowing him to depart back to where ever it is his little grey kitty bird family might be, though the mystery of how he came to visit in the first place… may never be solved.

So glad that is over. I’m ready for another Nap.

The End….

” If a bird flies through your house, it indicates important news.  If it can’t get out, the news will be death.” – American Folklore

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