“The Network” First Quarter 2012

Once again fantastic stuff coming out of the Narcolepsy Networks newsletter “The Network”!

Great to see all the wonderful things that happened during National Sleep Awareness Week this year! Now being in the bigger city since my recent move, the idea of a Wake Up Narcolepsy: Sleep Walk Savannah is very appealing! I will have to talk with my buddies Julie Flygare, Sarah DiDavide, and Ming Lai to see how to organize something like that… hmmm…. sleepwalk in the south, betcha we won’t have to wear coats over our cool T-Shirts! Heeheehee! (Awe! I’m just teasin guys!)

The amount of stuff NN has going this year is really amazing. Eveline Honig the Executive Director is in serious kick butt mode lately. It is amazing the work she does. I can’t even fathom that sort of constent energy. You would really have to seriously love your job and have that passion and drive to achieve what she has… and happily she does! LOL! Or we would all be lost without her!

Big thanks to James Bennett who allowed me to be part of his great article on The Power and Potential of Social Media. (Seriously, he did an amazing job of filtering through my babble! I was actually pretty tired during that convo, and tend to ramble on!)
It was pretty cool to read about the project that Board Member Ayelet Gneezy has been doing with her marketing students… clearly working with a class room full of brilliance!
And my fave part was seeing Charlie Bains Facebook group ZWN get a mention! I had brought it up as an example and now wish I had gone into greater detail. It was really amazing its original purpose and how it got its start, and though now mostly just for fun and common interest amoung pwn’s, if you think about it, the Center for Disease Control released its own Zombie Preparedness Guide in 2011 as a joke, later bringing up that zombie preparedness is really a good thing because it covers all sorts of other preparedness issues also, being national disasters, or other means of danger. Things as pwn we would have to think about diffrently also. For example: if fear is a cataplexy trigger, running from zombies is really gonna suck… but in the really real world running from a fire or tornado is going to suck equally as much. And if you been watching the news lately, or The Colbert Report, it is worth thinking… Charlie Bain could be on to Something….

Freaking Zombies!
Always getting me off track.

What was I talking about…?
Oh yeah, James! Thanks for the article!

Since moving I have been slacking in the social media dept myself, still getting settled. Eh. No worries you will all be seeing more of me soon!

So again, great stuff this issue, and NO SPOILERS! “The Network” is Members only! Hehehe, You didn’t think I was going to tell you all the good juicy bits did you?
If you want to see what I’m babbling on about, go to http://narcolepsynetwork.org and join! Great way to keep up with all of us Sleepy Peeps and see what excitement is happening in our world… and yeah, its pretty exciting!

5 thoughts on ““The Network” First Quarter 2012

  1. Great post re-capping the newsletter. I will say the NN Newsletter also has a great article about yoga for people with narcolepsy written by yours truly!! 😉 I’d love to help coordinate a SLEEP walk in the south. I’ve begun working with a woman in SC to start a walk in her area too.

    Also, I love the new look of your blog! It’s chique and dreamy… Wakefulness and smiles from DC, Julie

  2. I loved your poem “Broken Dreamers” in ‘The Network’. Hope you are getting settled in after your recent move.

  3. Ming says:

    I feel happy hearing your enthusiasm in your above post and feel happy having the recognition and sharing the sunlight of your praise of the collaborative works on narcolepsy. Thank you for shining !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the kudos Marcia on this issue! I encourage anyone interested in writing for the newsletter to contact me. We are always interested in personal stories, creative submissions like art and poetry, and articles about anything narcolepsy or sleep related. It is all about narcolepsy and the N community.

  5. Marcianna says:

    Thanks you guys!
    The Yoga article was GREAT to btw! I wasn’t trying to skip over ya at all, Julie, just not give away to much awesomeness at once… Hehehehe…
    Also, Anonymous I am guessing is our very own president? Am I right? Any instructions on who to send those article submissions to by chance? We all have great stories to tell and things we are working on, Write them down, send them in and share!

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