Finally got moved!  Goodness I have been busy, like seriously insanely busy. And I completely welcome that!
The cats are all settled in and doing well, my plants not so much though. Going to have to give them away to someone with some sunlight I guess. I just have way to much tree cover where I am at.  I am a little disappointed by that.

Everytime I uproot and move like that, my whole grasp on everything can get seriously joggled. Falling from routine can be so easy, but so hard to re-establish again. Its been pretty frustrating. I get annoyed sometimes how far I push myself, especially since I know the consequences. I’m looking forward to getting everything back to normal again.  The things I can do in this city are infinate and I am hoping to get on that track soon.

Well soon as I can find my way around a bit better. Lol.

2 thoughts on “Savannah

  1. thedreamer68 says:

    Yeah…I hate moving so much…that I go out of my way to avoid it. I could be like pursuing better paying jobs (or getting paid better in my current job) or finding better doctors if I would only move.

  2. Drapeto says:

    How are you settling in Savannah? Visited before you moved? Never thought of Savannah appealing to our age group. But maybe that’s because I went to school so close…

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