Up To My Ears in… Poo.

Its 3 am. Or maybe 4. I have some pretty important stuff happening tomorrow and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. I have had such positive feedback about my current ideas and intentions, regarding my new project/or possible .org. So many people rooting for me and I am so wound up with excitement that I am up way past bedtime. I really needed to release this energy, so I hit the garden for a while.

There is something to be said for gardening at night. Especially here in southern Georgia. It is cooler, fewer distractions, no neighbors up making racket…traffic etc…(did I mention its cooler?)  it’s really a good time to be alone in your thoughts while being up to your ears in fertilizer and dirt. As I spent time re-potting basil and tomatoes, I thought about the seeds I will be sowing tomorrow, the Ideas I will plant in the minds of some of my peers. People who have graciously given up their time to listen me as I attempt to plan the next few chapters of my journey. I am forever grateful for this opportunity, and their generosity.

Just like all of the plants I have handled tonight, given enough water and sunlight this project should thrive. But should it remain in a dark corner any longer, it would  wither away and die.
Its time to bring Dormez-Vous Studios out of the dark and into the light.

But first, I need a shower.


4 thoughts on “Up To My Ears in… Poo.

  1. Megan Worrell-Smith says:

    So excited for you! Watching this grow will be an amazing journey for you. Hope you got some sleep at some point.

  2. Marcianna says:

    Thank you! I did! =) Just got up actually looked out my window and saw my pretty little garden! Its going to be great being part of a community where we will help children get proper sleep, allowing their lives to blossom.

  3. i’ll have to try that sometime. i’ve heard of drinking warm milk or listening to soothing nature sounds, but i’ve never heard of calming a restless mind for sleep by night gardening. nice post.

  4. Marcianna says:

    Thanks! some times with me, I just need to get that extra energy out of me. I really am not sure how advisable it would be for everyone lol. I nearly fell asleep in my lawn chair while was posting this blog, so It must have worked pretty well! (Even if it is not the norm!)

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