Busy Busy Blogger Bee (Version 12.03.13)

This quarters Busy Bee has been myself! I have rarely had a chance to write, let along read much online here lately. With several events happening, National Sleep Awareness Week was last week,
and several projects in the works, I just have not had the time sadly. Something I hope to fix over the summer.

There have been a couple of blogs I really want to mention though, one of them I just discovered recently.( He managed to find me first, commenting on my last post: “OMG She’s Coding”) I hope to have more time to read more of his work. Nathan Fox, an EMT with Asbergers, who has just recently published his first book, “The Eyes Of An Autistic Yogi”.

(Click picture for Amazon link)

The blog post in particular that caught my eye, “Autistic Internet” (January, 20, 2012) I found to be very insightful and strangely familiar. I really think a lot of people with narcolepsy have so much in common with Asbergers and autism, thought processes, stimming, etc… that is something I would like to explore a little more some time. It’s incredibly interesting, and make so much sense, at least in my head…
In the article he says:
“The Internet is autistic. It is a disjointed and information populated place we go in search of some answer, finding but broken bits filling a myriad other questions. There are the gems out there, intact and pure for where we can draw inspiration. Yet it remains a universe we desire to moderate, control, while still trying to understand its nature.”  ~ Nathan Fox @TheAutisticYogi on Twitter

Just sit and contemplate that for a moment.
So often I am witness too, and have even complained myself, how people with out narcolepsy, our friends and family etc,  just cannot understand us because they don’t have it themselves. As a result of these “close to home” experiences we deal with, we sometimes seclude ourselves and assume it will be like that with everyone we meet. Yet here is someone, who I have no idea who he is, who does not have narcolepsy, yet … he gets it. Even if he does not know he does.

He may not be as tired, or have the worries of collapsing, but “Yet it remains a universe we desire to moderate, control, while still trying to understand its nature.” is a statement that speaks not just for the internet, and autism, but for narcolepsy as well.

Only having time to read just a bit this last quarter, I am super glad that Nathan’s blog is the one I came across. It has given  me a whole new angle of which to think about things when I am working on trying to communicate with others. Its something many of us struggle with, and there are a lot of lessons I think we can learn from our autistic friends.

Definitely take the time to read his blog and his book is available on Amazon.com click the picture above to go straight to the page. I am really looking forward to reading it myself!


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