Busy Busy Blogger Bee (Version 11.12.22)

Yeah, so, sorry this is late! Was busy with holidays and recovering from holidays and recovering from recovering and so on and so forth…. Anyhow, I have been reading some REALLY good stuff. Things have been very up and down for me lately, and I have found incredibly inspiring work this season to keep things afloat. I may not have had much to say the last few months, but I assure you I have been paying very close attention….

So here are my top five blog post from the Fall of 2011! I hope you find them as interesting and inspirational as I have.

1. And the Universe Conspires…

Bonnie Copland is a life coach with a really great blog that I discovered in early October. Its almost as if the stars aligned for me to find her when I did because this blog post ( …and the blog post of her friend Deeone, as mentioned in her blog post) Truly resonated with me at that time coming just after the 25th Annual Narcolepsy Network Conference.  I could understand more clearly through these articles that I was putting off my own metamorphosis by constantly dealing with the challenges and changes of others. I have let my own life fall to the cracks in favor of helping others, and am still to this day trying to repair that damage and needless neglect. Since finding Ms. Copeland, I have found many of the things she has written or posted on her video blogs useful, but this is the post that changed me and has pointed me in a direction with greater balance and new focus. I particularly love that their is a chain of inspiration here. Beginning with letters from his late mother, Deeone Higgs, to Bonnie Copeland, and now myself. I imagine this has spider webbed dramatically to others as well, and I hope that my readers will also be inspired by their words.

2. Hannah Harto : My Drunk Kitchen

Here is something new! I am adding a YouTube Video Series to my  Top Five Blog List! Technically Not a Blog or a Vlog, “My Drunk Kitchen” Has provided me with soooo many hours of *pee your pants* entertainment, it would be blasphemy to not include it. I literally buy a bottle of wine in anticipation of her next video. It just seems like the right thing to do. Never fear, She always tries to end with an important message and I am glad that she does… because sometimes the best world perspectives come from drunk people. ( At least, that is what I tell myself when I’m completely crocked.)  With such important advice like ” Just be confidant about everything and people will think your good at things.” and “Really people are just looking for ways to transport cheese into their mouth. All the food that involves cheese is just an excuse to eat cheese. Thats life. You know how thats like life? Because we think we are going after something, but really we are just hiding from ourselves the thing we actually want. And that is to just bite into the cheese.”  (episode 12: Pizza) As with most people under the influence, she’s got a mouth on her, so if you are easily offended by that, you might skip this one…  Though I really hope you wont!

3. Candies for a Cause A Sweet Way to Raise Awareness

This Blog by fellow recently Diagnosed PWN, Really struck me. So many people when they are first diagnosed with Narcolepsy go through the whole grief process, but this woman, just seems to have trucked right through it and I am sooo proud of her for that. I was thrilled to see her feature a guest who handed out candy for awareness. It was really a good idea and I hope that concept catches on with more of us in the Christmas’s to follow! I certainly hope to do it myself next year!

4. District of Sculpture Photographer Julie Flygare Wins First Place in Foto Week DC’s Internarional Awards Compititon 2011

Julie Won an AWARD!!! I am so extremely proud of her! Julies photograph, “MLK’s Spirit Walking,” Was given First Place in the 2011 FotoWeek DC‘s International Awards Competition for the “Mobile Phone Spirit of DC” category.  She took a series of photos shortly after the new MLK Memorial went up, all of which were astounding, and I am so very pleased that she was honored in this respect. Many of us know Julie from her own Narcolepsy blog: http://remrunner.blogspot.com. District of Sculpture is another blog project of hers that I truly appreciate. Too often I am unable to get out and admire and muse about the things around us. The sculptures and stories that Julie shares with us here are just one more way I can leave my own boring reality and walk into another…. and more often than not, learn something at the same time. If you are like me and cant get enough of Julie, check out her photography site also! http://www.julieflygarephotography.com.

( Bravo to Julie for making this list twice!)

5. Small Spaces Pets: The Climber

This is my new favorite blog for this quarter! And its old! No activity since January of 2009, I am lucky to find it at all! I was searching for new ways to entertain Musashi, Miyako, and Kohaku, when I found this blog post. And it is BRILLIANT. (I want one of these Pet Climbers sooo bad!)  After reading this I literally spent hours coming through the other post here, and I am still not done! I truly hope what ever is keeping this Incognito Pittsburgh Couple from continuing with this will subside, and there will be much more to come from them soon!

So As a heads up my next quarterly Blogger Bee post is due days before my sisters wedding, so please be patient with me as it will undoubtedly be late also. Already since Christmas, I have found things that just might make the cut! Im excited to share them with you!

For those of you who find blogs and posting links to them to Twitter or Facebook, I do read those! keep doing it! I have a vast array of interest and am always interested in seeing what is new out there… So show us what your reading too!


6 thoughts on “Busy Busy Blogger Bee (Version 11.12.22)

  1. D_ says:

    Love that Drunk Kitchen! I’m glad we had a chance to watch it together although we are so far apart in miles!

  2. marcianna says:

    I know! Wonder what the hold up is? I was hoping for a new episode by now… These bottles are stacking up! Remember the one about Jargaritas? LOL. I couldn’t help it… I thought of Mary… hhahaa

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my blog in your post!

    I love your blog, and I’m enjoying looking through the other blogs that you featured.

  4. Hi Marcianna,
    Wow, such kind words from you about my blog. Thank you so much for that; you totally made my day! I’m so glad that you found a connection there. It was a really personal couple of posts around that topic.

    Many blessings to you!

    Bonnie (myrivendell)

  5. marcianna says:

    You are welcome Bonnie! I have been very impressed with many of the post, but that was the one that got me started. =) Keep up the good work! I imagine your job is often thankless… but you are making a difference!

  6. marcianna says:

    You’re welcome Anonymous! Are you by Chance PGH anonymous?

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