Never Enough Time

Usually, after  Narcolepsy Network Conference I am ready set go for the next project on my list. And there are many of them. Having Narcolepsy though means having to decide where and when you put your energy on a daily basis. There is so much that I do, and there are so many thing I am responsible for right now, (my sleepy version of *many* of course…) that some times I get overwhelmed. I have my blogs, which I am seriously behind on all of them, I have some other larger hush-hush projects happening, and I am really needing to get started on the new WAG website. I want that going before the end of the year.

So yeah, I been slacking. I got sick for  bit, had a death in the family, had to struggle with some drama that didnt sit well with me from Vegas,  (No I will not elaborate….) and its been difficult to be motivated through all this. And meanwhile, while I am already trying to keep my emotions and physical and mental health in check… I met a boy.  OMG and he is awesome. As awesome as the one I already have. That is impressive. (Also, No more elaboration needed…)

So hopefully, if I missed something or am running late or never on something, you can and will forgive me…. Maybe give me a *Gibbs* smack to the head and kick-start my focus again…. I am kind of all over the place right now. That happens from time to time….

And there is never enough time.



4 thoughts on “Never Enough Time

  1. I couldn’t agree any more – there’s always too much to do. You amaze me by how much you accomplish already – so don’t be too hard on yourself. So glad to see your new blog post though, as I do love them.

  2. marcianna says:

    Haha! That really means sooo much coming from you Dear Julie! You are so much better at it than I am! (Or… at least better at hiding your frustrations! LOL! ) Thank you!

  3. DW says:

    Gibbs *smack* to you… and a Caff-Pow! as well. (I know how well your cats enjoy that show).

  4. marcianna says:

    Yes, its true. Tuesday is their favorite day of the week!

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