Busy Busy Blogger Bee (Version 11.9.23)

This month is the anniversary of my third year with this blog. Most of which has been complete nonsense, and vast gaps in time, but the fact I am still doing it is kind of  a miracle on its own. I am very ADHD like that. So to celebrate, I’m going to try something new and a bit different. I’m going to recap what blogs I have been reading for the past season. Let you know about things I have found interesting, creative and useful. Though my blogroll is mostly made up of fellow Narcolepsy bloggers, I am reading things from others as well on a variety of different subjects. I wanted to take the time to share these with you. I think the best way to explain it is to just do it. So jump right in the waters fine! I would hope that you take the time to explore these post also!

Top 5 Fave Blog Post from Summer 2011:

  1. Life in a New Garden http://asonomagarden.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/life-in-a-new-garden/  Been reading this womans work for a while now and I just love her blog! I often wish I had the energy to all the incredible things that she does. This post from this last summer (though “technically” still in spring,) Was really a great thing for me to read that week. Having recently uprooted and moved myself, it was nice to see someone besides myself doing that also. Made me feel just a little less alone in the world… and inspired me to keep moving forward while holding the past close to my heart.
  2. Kids in Yoga http://aspenandella.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/why-is-your-kid-in-my-yoga-class/ WHOA! Loved this blog post! I can sooo understand the sentiment of that. Some places have rules for a reason. And sometimes that rule is no kids. Now, Shortly after this blog came out the whole “No kids in various places” controversy started and I suddenly felt a little tied. I love kids, I love my families kids, I love my friends kids, Kids are awesome. Mostly. The problem with kids these days is not the kids it is the parents. There seems to be an onslaught of piss poor parenting happening in this country right now and it is VERY irritating.  If your kids have to be with you somewhere, then take the time to “be with them” also. Not just have them haphazardly tag along. Because I do NOT like having to tell your child to take the freaking plastic bag off their head in the middle of the Walmart parking lot while you are deeply engrossed in your text messaging. Whatever it is can freaking wait till your children are safely buckled in. If you’re not going to watch your kids while you’re out, find someone who will.  (YES that totally happened. GRRR!) Oops. Mini rant! ^_^
  3. How to Deal…    …Chronic Illness    http://msmeans.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/how-to-deal-with-stigma-or-bias-against-chronic-illness/ This was an accidental find this summer. And something I really needed to hear. I immediately subscribed to this blog because of this post right here. Sometimes The stigma of having a disability is so difficult to deal with. It’s just really nice to have someone else be able to put into words how to deal with this sort of thing.  Though we suffer from very different illnesses, She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
  4. Humbled http://rantingsofaloon.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/humbled/
    I first saw this guys blog as a result of him becoming freshly pressed. The pictorial story of Paul and Mary was just so incredibly beautiful, that it would have brought tears to anyones eyes. But, it wasn’t until He wrote this post here that I decided to subscribe. So many people who are freshly pressed just keep on doing their regular thing and never really mention getting that honor. The fact that he addressed it and in such a wonderful way, made him all the more human to me, and his writing since then has been reflective of that. I Include him in this list because though I have never been freshly pressed, I have been blessed with a significant uprise in my statistics lately. This post reminds me, how I should never take for granted that someone somewhere is taking the time out of their day to listen to what I have to say. And that is extremely humbling indeed.
  5. The Strength of Stone and the Hope of Light  http://districtofsculpture.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/the-strength-of-stone-and-the-hope-of-light/ Julie Flygare AKA: REM Runner, Just blows me away with every post. I started following her REM Runner blog a long time ago which led me to find her photography page and This unique blog of hers called District of Sculpture which is about sculptures in DC. She is able to combine her amazing photography with her excellent ability to write in a dance of words and pictures that just leave you spinning in awe. I truly saved the best for last here. I had a difficult time choosing which was my favorite of hers this summer, and decided to go with her post about the New MLK Memorial. She had clearly been working on this in her head for a good long time if you pay attention to the photographs. Some of them had to have been taken in the spring! Having recently started an art blog of my own, I hope some day to be able to do as much justice to the work and artists I write about as she does here commemorating this historic addition to our nations capitol.
  • Best Blog of the Summer:

I had a rough summer. Being able to go through the archives of http://msmeans.wordpress.com was very helpful to me. Thank you Carolyne Marshall for being such an inspiration.


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  1. asonomagarden says:

    Thanks you for including me!

  2. sdazzle says:

    Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words about my post this summer. It is indeed pretty incredible the power of that the written word has. Thanks again.

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