Social Media Silence = Reality

On this day in 2009 My status update on Facebook was as such:

“The Reality of Reality may be more real than what you perceive Reality to be… (That makes more sense in my head than in REALITY I fear…)”


So yesterday, my friend Chris, Aka “Agent C” from “The Agency”(Still lmao about that btw!),  questioned my current sanity, and for good reason. I recently had a rather disturbing bout with Paranoia. It comes and goes. Happily…. rarely. But when it does it is quiet amusing even to myself later on. With Narcolepsy, or any other disorder that messes with your head even a tiny bit, Delusional happens sometimes. And until you can get the right med combo going… which can take years of trial and error, you just got to roll with it.

Anyhow, Chris is concerned I am spending too much time being involved with social media. Apparently a person can become addicted to such things. He thinks I need to spend more time with actual physical people. especially considering my social anxiety issues. (::eyeroll:: guess who is a psych major! LOL, kidding Chris!)   

So he challenged me to 24 hours of no Facebook or Twitter.  Pfht. Whatevs. Not a problem I say. I do not have an addiction to these things! But to be on the safe side I willingly turned over my passwords to him and he literally locked me out. Not just locked me out, He turned of my Phone apps too.  ( I totally thought I would slide that past him… but alas, I did not.)

So for 24 hours, I was without Facebook or Twitter. I could still use my email. I could still use my phone and text messaging. I was not with out communication from my family or my peers. I just could not use those two particular entities of the world-wide web.

Ok not really, but still It was pretty quiet around here.  I didn’t feel *left out , or uninformed in any way, but I did kind of miss the easy connection to people who understand me well. I ended up calling my friend Melissa-issa-issa and my friend  Mickey,  just to talk. It’s really good to have friends who understand how my head works. LOL.   

Meanwhile, every time I caught my cats doing something cute, I would whip out my phone and take their picture, only… I couldn’t share it with the world!  I caught myself thinking in “Status Update” mode, For example, I made  pesto and pasta for dinner last night, and I literally thought “Yay! Pesto and pasta! Thank goodness for dietary staples!”  Seriously… Who thinks that to themselves? It was weird. I kept doing it. I was creeping myself out.

So I still don’t believe I have an addiction to these things. I am online doing other things like my blogs or working on other projects I am involved in and I happen to leave FB up while I am doing them. I use them to keep my mind occupied on my phone while I am out and about to avoid sleep attacks. These are not addictive behaviors, they are just things I do… right?

Anyway, I learned a lot from that whole experience. I learned how the actual “act” of  status updating and posting effect how our minds actually process information and react to certain things. It is more than a new way of communicating, it’s a new way of thinking. Knowing this I think will make it easier to understand younger generations to come.

I also learned that there are truly a lot of people out there who are simply unable to get around so this is their social life and I have a new respect for that. I have always known that, but…. I understand it on a new level now. And I think that will make me a more patient person.

So a day with out social media interaction is highly recommended.  Try it yourselves and see what interesting things come to your mind and how you handle them. I would love to hear your stories too!
I am sooo super glad to be back though!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Silence = Reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Marcia, as you know, I was in the communication dark for a week. I too missed just being able to pop on and see what everyone was up to. I realized I spend WAY TO MUCH time just sitting here waiting for someone to say something,anything. While My internet was down I actually cleaned my girls room, my sons room, my room, all the bathrooms, re-arranged the furniture in the living room, cleaned windows AND spent more quality time with my kids. Now I know what I could do if it weren’t for my “social media” but I still like it! Being with out wasn’t all that bad…

  2. marcianna says:

    Ahhh… yes, I remember that! I missed you when you were gone! And yes it wasn’t all that bad for me either of course. But I can see now that for some people it might be.

    I think too about how, there are so many people cut off from *everything* right now because of Irene. I went one day on a bet, you went one week because your provider was slow to get it together… I cant imagine what it must be like for Irene victims right now. I hope they all have charged cell phones!

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