Decaf is for Wusses

Today, I miss coffee. I miss it sooo bad I could cry. I really really liked it. I wish I could just do decaf, but not only does it taste different, my mean little brother has it drilled into my head that Decaf is for wusses. So I just can’t do it.

I recently had an Iced Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. I only get one once a year. Those things are so freaking expensive and of course it immediately put me to sleep. But I loved it soooo much!

Ever since then, I have been having this twitchy like need for caffeine. It’s horrible. I feel like a crack head. ( I am in no way comparing caffeine drinkers to crack heads, I am just stating how I feel.) I’m fidgety, doing the finger twisty thing, etc… I can’t stop thinking about it. Saturday, my friend came by and surprised me with Dairy Queen, and I suddenly recalled, Moo Lattes. OMG. The hazelnut one were the best! Well, unless you are comparing that to Dunkin Donuts Mocha Coolatta’s, They of course reign supreme over all. That is an absolute fact not to be disputed. EVER.

So why is it that six months later, I am just now getting withdrawals that I apparently inadvertently triggered by having my one green tea of the summer? How can I make it go away? Because DAMN I am cranky let me tell you! All this over a green tea! (Seriously, because I slipped up and had like a Cherry Coke or two this summer and soda just doesn’t do it for me.)

The Super *SAD* thing is, if I give in now, and go back to coffee and caffeine, it will only be a matter of time before I start smoking again. The two went hand in hand and I quit both simultaneously.  It has been too long and I can’t fall now.

I don’t think I would have survived my first summer in Georgia with out all these nummy hot weather drinks if I had not joined up with the 60 for 60 challenge at I normally don’t drink a lot of water, or anything else so in order to get in all that water, I definitely had to skip the frozen, over sugary juices and such. I think all the water has been washing everything bad out of my system pretty well too. Maybe I am finally completely clean of caffeine? Maybe that is why that green tea was so intense this year. Cuz now I just cant stop thinking about it.

I am thinking I just need one more Iced Green Tea Latte and I will be good. Just one more. Even a small one. And no whipped cream…. Now I just need to go get in my change jar to scrape up the cash for it. Maybe borrow it from my neighbor?
This sounds all to familiar. =(

Yay. Hears to my health. >_< (Sarcasm clearly implied.)


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