My Friend Irene, payed me the greatest compliment the other day. I originally posted this as a comment on the particular post she was talking about but decided to make my response to her an actual post itself.  There are people in my life, narcolepsy related and otherwise who I wish would stop with the pity party and get up and do something about their situations. Even if you fail, you are still trying. And trying is moving forward not treading water before you drown.  It doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to be a huge drastic change… start small and work your way forward. Start very very tiny, and work your way forward! But stop doing nothing.  Do anything to shake the negativity that is consuming you.

I HAVE BEEN THERE. And I was there for a very very long time. I am not talking out my rear here, I am telling you the truth. Your attitude about life, and your position in this “Mortal Coil” is what will make or break you in the end.

My response to Irene (who rocks in her own right by the way,) was this:

“Some days are just not easy for us. But to assume all days will be like that, is not giving ourselves a chance… You have to choose to recognize each moment for what it is. It’s the difference… in saying “Today sucks” and “Life sucks”. If a person decides life sucks, they have already sealed their own fate. Each day then doesn’t stand a chance.

My biggest pet peeve is some one who says they are simply playing the cards they have been dealt. Freaking Idiot. GO FISH!”

We tend to way to often focus on the negative around us. When all you see is black, the first thing you should try, is opening your eyes. LOOK for the happiness. Even if it is something small, like a cute little kitten, ar a brightly colored butterfly, There is nothing negative in those moments. Soon you will be open to more happy things by conditioning yourself to noticing them. I actually have a friend that I used to call and irritate so badly by asking what his “happy” of the day was. I finally got him a journal for his birthday and told him to write in it a new “happy” in every day. That will be a year ago next week and I suspect, If I were to sneak peek into that journal, It would be empty.
That makes me tremendously sad.

You have to want it bad enough to go and find it yourself because happiness is not going to fall in your lap. I know that various situations in life are hard. But that is NOT your life. It is a moment in time. A moment that will pass… if you let it.

I see so much potential in all of you. In everyone I meet practically. I see it where you cant see it even in yourselves. I only just wish that everyone even just once at least entertained the thought, that there could be something more, instead of hiding and crawling down deeper into the holes that you were placed in. ( Yes, the holes you were placed in, because I am well aware a lot of your issues were not brought upon yourself.)

Life is too short to waste time being miserable. Screw it and smile.


While I was working on this piece I ran across two things tha makes me extremely happy. One was a new blog a friend started writing “In The Blink of an Eye” and one was a thread in a group about getting out there and moving forward, literally. That is exactly the kind of good we need to see happening. Peit and Julie, I hope that the two of you can use your stories to encourage others!


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