The Sexy Side of Sleep Labs: Finding Art in Unusual Places

Well now that I have your attention! Check out my photo art below!

I am so over due, for some serious blogging here. And I promise to get to it sometime soon, I hae been so very ,very busy! But to tide you over till your next Rambling fix, I wanted to share with you some Art pics I have done while I was at my most recent visit to my favorite sleep lab, CCH Regional Sleep Disorder Center in Columbus, Ohio. ( If you are looking for that perfect doc, Give Dr. Eskender Getachew a spin. He is really patient oriented and listens to what you have to say. )

As usual, I had a great time, the staff was awesome and I was able to bring my friends Dawn and Mary who were able to watch the “wiring” process and learn a little bit about sleep disorders in the process.

After they left, I had a bit of time on my hands before going to sleep, so I got to playing around with my camera a bit. Being just tired enough, I was finding some amazing patterns in the wires that were connected to my body. Sometimes art just appears out of nowhere. All the colors seemed to work so well together too. Almost as if…it were part of a machine! (haha) Seeing how this machine was reading me, I decided to attempt to “read” the machine also by exploring its tangled and jumbled wiring system. The following is the crazy, beautiful, spastic, and flowing hot mess of art that came from this experiment. Brings a whole new meaning to having my wires crossed! I hope you like it.

So check out my Manic and Random photography and leave some comments and show some love! I will be adding these to my Deviant Art page as soon as I remember my flippin password.

(Thanks for all the emails btw!)


























































4 thoughts on “The Sexy Side of Sleep Labs: Finding Art in Unusual Places

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the pics. Good eye Marcia! I love photography too. Maybe we can go and just take randoms sometime when you get “home”


  2. marcianna says:

    That is my most favoritest thing to do! ^_^ Definately going to do that!!!!

  3. Marcia – beautiful sleep lab art!!! WOW – you seriously make sleep labs WAY more attractive – look at all those fun colored wires! I recently found a self-take of myself during the sleep study with all the wires. I’m not sure I’m ready to share, but maybe someday. Thank you for sharing your beauitufl words and art!

  4. marcianna says:

    Thanks Julie! It is pretty amazing the things you see when you are just about to go to sleep, and happen to have the camera handy! Somedays, it is like looking through new sets of eyes!

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