Ooooo… I Was a Bad, Bad Girl!

It is three in the morning… Again. Why does it seem like it is either always three in the morning or two in the afternoon? Both times at which I should be in bed sleeping? I am beginning to think my clock knows no other numbers.

I have so done something I should not have. When my first dose of “The Magic Sleepy Juice” wore off tonight I woke up to this amazing smell of the brownies I made yesterday afternoon. Oh they were truly sinful. I put rosemary in them. No surprise, I put rosemary in everything really, but the combination of this shrub and chocolate was so amazing, that when I could smell it again after being asleep for so long, I could not resist getting up and eating one just now. (okay, TWO. >_<)

Of course since Xyrem must be taken on an empty stomach, I will now have to stay awake for the next two hours before I can take my second dose. Oh geez, guess I will have to get online and write something. Oh the torture. I actually have an abundance of work at the moment so that works out pretty well since I function so much better at night anyway. No excuse for night eating, which is a nasty habit I curbed long ago, but at least I am awake and fully aware of my transgression.

And so in order to repent for this, the evilest of delicious sins, I must go and tackle the beast that is housework. Thus, I bid you adieu.

(If you have not tried Rosemary in Chocolate of some sort, you just sky rocketed to the top of my pity list. Seriously it makes those old Reese’s commercials look down right hokey.)


2 thoughts on “Ooooo… I Was a Bad, Bad Girl!

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh, the brownies are worth staying up late!

  2. marcianna says:

    Oh yes they were! Enough choclate fix for nearly all summer though!

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