Dishes… Are Done.

I will never again go with out a dishwasher. Simply Never.

The physical pain and mental aggravation of trying to get dishes done by hand is just too much. And I truly believe that no person with Narcolepsy or fibromyalgia should attempt dishes without one of these machines.

I think of the years I spent fighting off automatic behavior, washing the same dish over and over again for more than half an hour, The dangers of breaking something, or simply just stuffing you hand into a blade of a knife that is cleverly hidden under water. I actually got to the point where I would not fill the sink just let the water run constantly that way I could always see where everything was at! Imagine the water bill and the total waste of perfectly good water doing that!

It is so very tiring doing dishes by hand. Even just a few. The warmth of the water, the white noise of it running, the steam, all a good way to simply just fall right to sleep standing up. Then of course that opens up the opportunity for greater injury. So as soon as you are done, or at least almost done and procrastinating the rest… you go to sleep for a while. Even more time you are wasting not being productive… but it can’t be helped.

Then there are some days, where you just look at the sink. and say…” Eh. Maybe tomorrow. ” And then you say that for a week. Or a month or several months.

It seems trivial, something so easy and basic and simple, being one of the more difficult and dangerous task for us. But it is what it is. Now I have a dishwasher, I have added hours to my day raising my daily stamina  level to *nearly semi productive*.  I will never, ever go back to washing by hand.


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