The Blur Between Dreams And Reality: Updated

Update at bottom of page.

So after the wasp hijinks last night, I had some pretty crazy dreams. The kind where you are not sure if they are real or not. Maybe it was a memory? I intend to investigate this further tomorrow, to find out for sure. So be looking for a follow-up on this piece.

The problem with having a bad memory such as mine, it makes the guess-work of whether something happened or not, even more difficult. So let me tell you about this interesting dream and if anyone happens to know the truth, please by all means, speak up and comment.

I was dreaming about my old High School friend Tennelle and being in her back yard chasing fish.  There were lots and lots and lots of these fish, swimming around in her pool. It was a pretty weird dream. And I can’t for the life of me understand why there were fish in her pool like that. As weird as this sounds, I have a sneaky suspicion, something along these lines, at least sort of happened like this.

Yeah so I’m gonna have to call her I guess and find out.

I am thinking that is going to be a seriously awkward conversation.

I will keep you updated.

What I found Out:

Okay! So here is the REAL story!

When Tennelle’s Mom decided to fill in the pool, The people who came to do it did a crap job of it. They made a huge mess of the whole yard. This took place in the fall approximately 4 years ago. (No one seems to be exactly sure on when… We are estimating.)

So after not coming back to finish the job several weeks in a row. The back yard started to resemble a mini lake. Then over the winter that mini lake froze. Come spring, the mini lake was bigger than ever with the snow melting and new rain coming down it really was a very huge mess. As an April Fools joke on Tennelles mom, we bought about three dozen feeder fish and let them go in the mini lake.  And then we waited and waited… but her mom did not notice right away. During that time those little buggers multiplied. So there were quite a bit more than three dozen when it all came down too it. And eventually When her mom did see them, because they multiplied, it was not really funny anymore. Once summer came and the mini lake dried up a good bit, they were able to get the rest of the job done and smooth out the yard. The year after that Tennelles mom put in a garden in that same spot and had the healthiest looking plants I had ever seen!

So that is where that story came from. Sometimes my head needs a little help to keep the weirdness of my dreams, and the weirdness of my life aligned properly. Or else you just never know.


One thought on “The Blur Between Dreams And Reality: Updated

  1. Mary says:

    Marcia is so cool! She makes me want to get my kids a cat! LOL!

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