Cataplexy, Not the Bee’s Knee’s

I had an all out crappy night last night. Just one of those domino effects that leads me to blogging at three in the morning when I have to be up in 4 hours. Total nonsense. But some of you know how this works. So no lessons to learn here, no words of advice, or anything like my normal babble… I am just going to whine about how bad last night sucked. LOL.

I got stung by a wasp while I was cleaning the turtle tank. No biggy right? I’m not allergic or anything, but the shock of it of course was all it took for me to Cataplexy out on the dang side-walk. The hardcore kind of Cat attack too, which of course meant smashing the side of my skull on the concrete. Its been a while since I have fallen that hard. Its like suddenly, your bones dont exist. I am not exactly sure how long I layed there either. I think I wasn’t fully conscious the whole time from my head getting cracked like that.  When I did manage to come around, It was starting to rain. I guess I am glad I got up when I did because it turned into a full blown storm pretty quickly.

(Not that is mattered, because no one was around anyway, but it occurred to me as I was falling that it “Totally Figures” it was the one time I did not have my wallet, my phone, my Med ID bracelet, my key chain, nothing on me to say what was wrong. So mental note: Take that stuff with me even into the back yard. I should probably keep at least my bracelet on in the house too.)

Anyway, Cataplexy has a way of being very physically exhausting. I was having a terrible time breathing for hours after that, and was completely mentally out of it. I ended up putting the turtle into a big Tupperware container, and going to sleep on the couch. (Because climbing the stairs to my bedroom, was not going to happen.)

One little run in with a wasp, completely disrupted my entire evening routine. My eating schedule is off, my sleeping schedule is off, showering, other things around the house, all of it… completely shattered. And I know that tomorrow is going to suck playing catch up, especially when I have so much going on then too. Bah… Its infuriating. Would be nice to be normal for at least twenty minutes. Long enough to get something done.

Pfht. Okay. Enough whining. >_<


3 thoughts on “Cataplexy, Not the Bee’s Knee’s

  1. My fiance has cataplexy and narcolepsy so I sympathize with this. I hope the next few days pass quickly and you’re able to get back into your schedule soon.

  2. marcianna says:

    Thanks so much! I appreciate it! Its going to be interesting to say the least. The hard part is not letting another day go by, then another then another… Have to get things done before I get overwhelmed!

  3. You’re welcome. Yeah, it looks like cataplexy is awful. My fiance sometimes just falls out of chairs. He’ll be awake and then the next minute on the floor. Hopefully you can get caught up quickly. I hate being behind on things because of my health issues.

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