MTG: Narcolepsy Card

A friend told me about this card called a Narcolepsy Card and I did a search and found it in the Magic The Gathering Vault.

 *NICE. I want one! It’s so pretty!*

(The fact that I just said that will be very important, so pay attention!)


I never got into games like this so I am curious as to what all this stuff means. I decided to ask around and find a resident expert on MTG to see if a reasonable explanation can be found for exactly how and why Narcolepsy kills people, and what ever the frig tapping means…  Happily Kendrick Kingery, came to the rescue with a basic explanation, of what the Narcolepsy Card is and how it works. (And let me tell you, trying to understand how Magic The Gathering works, makes neuroscience look like  finger paint day in Kindergarten! It’s really complicated!)

Kendrick Explains the Narcolepsy Card

Kendrick: The Narcolepsy Card is an enchantment that you would want to use on your opponent’s creature because the creature that is enchanted by “narcolepsy” is untapped during the upkeep phase, then you are to tap the said creature. So it’s almost like giving the creature narcolepsy, because it won’t really be able to do anything since you can just keep tapping it every turn, rendering it useless.

Me: Ah ok so it doesn’t actually kill anyone, just makes them useless, by putting them to sleep? Is an enchantment like a spell then in a way? So you can’t be attacked?

Kendrick:  Yeah, they are basically the same as spells. Except that they last until the creature or enchantment is destroyed.

Me: OMG that is all soo foreign! LOL. I am amazed anyone can have the patience for that! How can the enchantment be destroyed? Is it gone after a length of time or does it have “enemies” that can take it down? Like… a Provigil Card?

Kendrick: Haha yeah no kidding! Well there are certain cards that can “destroy target enchantment” or if the creature is destroyed in combat, hmm let me check to see what kinda cards there are that have such an effect…

( And then as if by some miracle… he finds me a med card of sorts!)


Kendrick: There are a bunch of cards that have such an effect, but this one sounded the best, mainly cause it had “capsule” in it, and I figured since some medications for narcolepsy are capsules, it would go well with the analogy your trying to make.
Me: OMG you are too Awesome! LOL. Thats perfect! So play by play: plr1 puts narcolepsy enchantment on plr2 creature, plr2 uses dispeller capsule to get rid of N? is that right?
Kendrick: Yeah that’s basically how it works! 
Me: Any last words of advice?
Kendrick: Just make sure to have some capsules on standby, cause you never know when the Narcolepsy will hit ya!
Kendrick Kingery, Thank you so much you were an amazing guest speaker! And now my official go to guy for all things MTG! You made it sound so easy!
Now to get serious for a minute. I know, I know, I had to go and ruin the fun, but you will thank me I am sure. Lets back-track just a bit… remember this?

 *NICE. I want one! It’s so pretty!*

I saw a card, with a pretty picture and decided I wanted it, knowing nothing about it at all, or the game it belongs too. Then I looked a little closer, and saw implications of it not being as pretty as I first imagined. When Noyan Dar says “…at least it’s not trying to kill us.” I realize that this Narcolepsy Card could be more dangerous than I originally thought.

That is when I talked to Kendrick. A MTG player, and PWN, who was gracious enough to take the time to explain to me what the Narcolepsy Card was and how it worked. He then went to so far to find me a card to “dispell” my concerns about the safety and use of that card! I now know a whole lot more about the Magic The Gathering and Narcolepsy Enchantment.  It is so much more than what I first saw on the surface with all those pretty blue colors.

As PWN, we have ALL dealt with this.

You meet that one person who says “Wow! You have Narcolepsy? That is so Awesome! It must be wonderful to get to sleep all the time! I am always so tired! I wish I had Narcolepsy too!”  

It’s INFURIATING. They have NO IDEA what life with Narcolepsy is like. They are judging based on what they think they know from television and movies. They don’t have the slightest clue how difficult our lives are and how hard we struggle just to survive in this world of  Day Walkers!

It is our responsiblity, our mission in life, to make sure we do for others, who don’t have any idea how debilitating Narcolepsy can be, what Kendrick did for me. Have the patience, the knowledge, and the willingness to explain, something so complicated that it is even hard for us to understand ourselves.

 Pull out you own Dispeller Capsule Card. We may not be able to rid ourselves of Narcolepsy, but we can Dispell the rumors, the misinformation, and out right ignorance, of the people around us.

We owe it to ourselves to be understood.


One thought on “MTG: Narcolepsy Card

  1. Candice Phillips says:

    I love it! I love it! I love it! Thanks for your words of wisdom with a pinch of humor!!! Just loved the whole thing!

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