The Fuzz Brigade: How Families Work Together

So I am totally rocking this cat lady gig right? Happily within reason of course, my own reasoning perhaps, but reason none the less. I have three. Well within the state law limits which is seven. (Ooooo! Seven! The furry temptation!)  Every time I have to move its a huge dilemma of trying to find someplace that will allow me to have so many. People don’t seem to understand how crucial they are to my very existence. They are more than just my pets, they are family, especially now in a place where I have no one.

I have been paying more attention to them here as of lately. After the death of Mika in February, and the loss of all his obnoxious and often very bizarre uniqueness, I wanted to make a note of what it is the others do, that make them such individuals. Not that I hadn’t noticed before of course, but I wanted to see if there was anything I was missing simply because I am big, dumb, and Human.

And there was. Quite alot actually. It has made me more aware that I rely on them as much as they rely on me. Not just as emotional support, Which is huge by the way, but for other reasons as well. It was really astounding once I began to see it. They are really phenomenal about my need for routine. I was pretty surprised by this.

I think that all pets pick up on their owners habits to some extent, but mine seemed to have gone beyond that, it just might be up to them to keep me on track. And I am now realizing alot of the time, its true.

Kohaku, has developed this habit of staying in the bathroom with me and talking to me the entire time I am in the shower. This is a brand new habit too. I suspect he is taking over for Joe who used to come check on me if I was in there to long.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t developed a thing for water! I think he knows that our little conversations help to keep me alert and focused.

Miyako, who has always been notorious for playing fetch, seems to do that with a purpose now. She is very fickle. Things need to be in their place. Something I think she picked up off of me. Where as fetch used to be fetch, now the tables are turned and she will drop her toy in front of things that do not belong where they are. Once I have moved these objects, put them away, she is done playing fetch and off  for her one of her naps. Usually with me right behind her.

Musashi, is extremely smart and was well-trained. One of my MAJOR complaints to Joe was that he spoiled Musashi so badly that it disturbed the pecking order around here. It went Joe, Musashi, Me and then the other cats. Musashi does not listen to me. He doesn’t abide by rules. He runs this house now that Joe is not here. And now I am kinda glad he does.

But I am beginning to see that he does this with purpose and not because he was spoiled. He never before got on my kitchen counters. None of them did. But he does it constantly now. After waking up several times to Musashi smacking me in the face, “um… mom? did you forget you were cooking again?!?!”  I think his counter jumping has more to do with my cooking skills than his need to be on the counter.

They all wake me up in the mornings. Even when I don’t want to get up. Musashi will literally do bad things on purpose to get me out of bed. For example, take my glasses and knock them to the floor then knock them across the room.  Then he will sit there and look at me like “Ha! Now what?” He also makes me go to bed. If I am obviously tired, and should likely already be asleep, he will sit on my books, sit on my key board, sit on whatever it is I am doing and purr till I agree to take him to bed. Then he sleeps on my feet most of the night along with the other two.

 Miyako reminds me to keep my Bipap mask on. Sometimes I will pull it off at night and she will bat at my nose till I wake up and put it back on. She sleeps right next to my head to keep track of this.

Kohaku is my little alarm, not just for mornings, but for everything. My alarm clock goes off several times a day, but on days I forget it is on vibrate, he remembers. He might not know, I need to wake up and take my meds at 3 am. But he knows that alarm should be going off. He might not know, I have the alarm set to remind me to eat, but he knows I have it set for something important. When my Phone fails me, Kohaku does not.

It is really sad that I have not noticed all this before. But now that I do, everyone gets extra pettings and treats. They all work together to keep me going and keep me safe.  They don’t do all this just because I feed them. They do all this because they love me, and are protecting me, because that is what families do.  I am very lucky to have them.

I have to move again in the next year. I am concerned I will have trouble finding a place where I can keep them. I am not sure exactly what it is I am going to do about it. I don’t really know where to start. It is definitely something I need to address though, because, I realize without all their unique talents, I probably wont be able to function.

I might not even be able to survive. That is kinda scary.


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