The Very Scary Thing in my Closet

So last week, I noticed a wicked nasty smell in my closet. Took me all day to clear everything out and I just couldn’t figure out what it was. It was seriously like some horrid chemical death in there. Then I noticed that I had a gallon jug of distilled water spring a leak. Hmmm…. Okay. Water shouldn’t smell though…. right?


It’s not actually the water that smells but the water-soaked into the carpet and reconstituted GOD KNOWS WHAT and it smells freaking horrible.

So I decided in all my brilliance, to use my carpet cleaner and clean the closet carpet all together. (Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!) Thus basically, adding LOTS more water to the carpet.

As I waited for the carpet to dry after this, I noticed the smell getting worse. I look and I see that there is now some sort of Crystalish residue on the surface of the carpet in some areas. It totally wreaks too.

Eventually the next day I call my maintenance guy and he stops by and can’t smell anything at all. He suggested I try cleaning it a couple more times maybe just use water not any sort of cleaner fluids. Okay. I do that three more times and still the same results. and more crystally thingys.

Day after that, I have my friend Tim stop in and he does not smell anything either. I am beginning to think I am crazy by now…

So I keep cleaning and cleaning and it just gets worse and worse, I have no idea what it is, but I have noticed my cats wont go in my room anymore. So it can’t be just me right?

Finally, last night after I had taken my Meds, I was just falling asleep when the smell became so overwhelming that I had to stumble (on Xyrem mind you) to the bathroom because I started vomiting so badly. I managed to get there, but I ended up passing out on the floor in my hall way trying to struggle to get back to my bed. I never made it. Which is bad because I am supposed to be on my Bi-Pap machine when I am taking those meds.

Today it occurs to me that whatever is in my carpet may now be in the air. I have been ill and dizzy and laden with headaches all day. So I am not going to take my Meds tonight, or use  my Bi Pap because it may need cleaned out professionally or something. I don’t know.

I am terrified I moved into an old Methlab.

I’m calling my landlord on Monday. There is nothing left I can do.

Carpet was torn out and replaced as was the flooring beneath it. No idea what it was but it is gone now! Thank goodness cuz that was horrible!


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