Upside Down, Looking at Things From a New Perspective

I decided I wanted to talk about being upside down today.  I spoke with a Buddhist monk in a dream I had last night, that was incredibly insightful to my entire being, and made me realize that things are not always as they appear to be.

It is not uncommon to find me doing things upside down. Weird, yes, uncommon, no. sometimes I do this reading, or watching television, and sometimes, just because I am looking at the things around me. Thank goodness for spell check because I will even turn the keyboard upside down to type some days!  I have done this sort of thing since I was a kid. Bizarre things like this are probably what kept me from having a lot of friends early on, but I was happy, and I really didn’t care anyhow.

I may have done these things are splurges of weirdness as a kid, but I do this now with reason. Granted, my reasoning is likely flawed, *Marcialogic*, but it works for me and that is all that matters. Sometimes things are not immediately clear to me, or I am confused on something, having trouble understanding a situation or problem, etc…. When it gets to the point where I just don’t know what to do, I just drop it for a while. That is when I will be found standing on my head somewhere. Some how it joggles my brain just enough to think. I would venture to guess  it has something to do with seeing things from a new perspective. If you are physically and literally, seeing things from a different angle, then the natural order of your thought patterns are going to be thrown off just enough to cause you to think that way also. That is where new idea’s and better understanding forms. At least for me anyway.

There is a famous experiment done by psychology professor George Malcolm Stratton in 1896, where he developed these glasses that made you see everything upside down. After a few days of bumping into things your brain would auto correct and begin to see things normally. Then of course once they are taken off, it has to reprocess and adapt again to be back where you first started.

I am no expert, but this makes sense to me. It explains how I do what I do, and make the why easier to understand. If your brain, in the midst of chaos, can automatically adjust itself to focus and understand its surroundings, without even actively trying, why wouldn’t this work for things like thought processes and not just sight? That whole concept, right or wrong as it were, just makes sense to me…..  But then again… I am weird. Or possibly, brilliant.



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