Why I Love Comic Book Hero’s

I loooove comic book heros!  Hellboy, Dare Devil, Batman, Spiderman, you name it I am a fan. I love the idea that humans, and in some cases non -humans, have over come some sort of personal devestation, tragedy, disability,or even mutation, all have rose from that and rather than being bitter and “oh poor me”, turned around and chose to do good in this world.  It’s a concept that I wish more people could actually embrace.

Of course I can’t expect anyone to fly through the air and save the world, that is just silly. The stories obviously are grossly exaggerated, that is what makes them a fantasy. But the concept of rising from your own personal downfalls and reaching out to others and trying to help, is not a fantasy. It is something that can be done. And there are not enough of us doing it. And the need is out there!

“People in the modern world feel increasingly, personally powerless. We live in a world we don’t seem to directly have an effect on, the world seems to spin out of control. It’s not really clear who is in charge, and a super hero comes along and we know who is in charge. So those [are the] sorts of needs to reassert personal power in a world that overshadows us.”

~ Harry Brod Sociologist

I am not saying everyone go make a costume and go rescue babies from traffic or get all vigilante on some drug addicts, ( more on that in a minute!) but I would like to see people get more involved with their own communities and be more helpful to others. A little bit of volunteering can mean a world of difference to alot of people. imagine if we were all doing that?

There is actually a REAL LIFE Super Hero registry. Real people pulling on the capes and saving the world style. Its pretty interesting. Cant say I would ever go that far myself, but it is a phenomenon that seems to be taking hold in a big way lately!



Whether you decide to wear the cape or not, it really isn’t hard to go out and be a hero. Just for one day, just for one cause, just for one person. I challenge everyone to do so. Life is much more than the bubble around ourselves.

Well… soon the world will know the truth. That this is a city born of heroes. That one man can make a difference.” ~ Dare Devil


One thought on “Why I Love Comic Book Hero’s

  1. McDreamy says:

    I always hate the TV shows/comics/graphic novels where the hero(ine) has some awesome power/gift/curse but is reluctant to use. In Real Life, give a teen or anybody the ability to do X, and watch out, world.

    Of course, RL people are selfish. They would use the power, and probably not in a good way.

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