Bring Your Nineties Mentality With You…

What is today? Like the 10th or something? I don’t know, I lose track so easily. I did get my final finished and my last two speeches… spoken. LOL. This weekend will consist of baking cookies with Julius and snuggling down with a good Science Fiction short story. 😉   Who snuggles down with short stories? I do. Long stories put me to sleep to fast. I try to read them while I am standing on my head, waiting at the doctors or with both hands tied behind my back forcing me to turn pages with my nose. No snuggling involved.  Much easier to focus that way I believe.

Next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting. Silly Pagan Deceiving Holidays and what not coming up on us quickly.  Least a good excuse to give people stuff. I like doing that.  People are always giving me stuff and helping me out, I get the opportunity to return the favor this time of year. So that makes me super happy. I am looking forward to spending some time with some friends (Or maybe just one? Undecided on that at this time…) and checking out my new soon to be surroundings in Georgia. I need a break from this snow anyhow, its killing my fibromyalgia, so I am going over Christmas. I hear they have peaches, I am a fan.

(This is the part where you get that Millions of Peaches song in your head, and get highly irritated with me. Oh the nineties! How I long for thee! (No seriously, I totally have Blossom’s bangs right now… Completely by accident, but I am working with it.) No worries you will survive the fruity blast of said musical relic.  I of course thought of another one to counter act the peaches… but it is so much worse, I am pretty sure forgiveness would be out of the question. Thus, stick with Millions of Peaches. Fruit is good for you. )

Its Rolling up on the New Year for us and I have some things to say, but I haven’t got it sorted out in my head just yet. So this wont be the last time you hear from me this year… though pretty dang close. hahaha… unless, I forget, which I tend to do.

Since I am likely to be obnoxiously busy in the next few weeks, I will bid you adieu for the time being.

Till then, Wear your mittens.


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