WW2, Tuna, Elderly, and causes worth fighting for. ( I know worst title EVER)

Seriously, I cant believe this has happened to me twice now.

First time I ever saw Saving Private Ryan Was in 1999. Watched it with a friend Amy at her step dad Marks house. He also happened to be a great friend, my landlord and my boss occasionally. Anyhow, Amy and I decided to watch this one afternoon, and were eating tuna sandwiches for lunch. BAD IDEA.  That movie was so violently graphic. The opening scene alone was HORRID. I dont think either of us finished lunch it was so nauseating.

I haven’t seen that movie in years and rarely eat tuna sandwiches anymore, but today… oddly I did both. Happily not simultaneously this time, but I still felt a little sick. Its just totally weird that happened like that.

Aside from all that….

I hate that movie and love that movie both. I hate it because it is so graphic and disturbing, but I love it for the same reason. I Imagine what they will show us in movies and television isn’t even a fraction of what our troops actually real time physically see in war. Not even a tiny tiny fraction. That movie makes you look at your grandparents and your parents and now sisters and brothers in a totally new light. The things they have witnessed and suffered in all of these wars from the beginning of time, all to keep us safe and an attempt to save their/our children from ever having to see these things….  Just completely fucking mind blowing.

I am not going to get into wrong or right here… who freaking knows really. To many conspiracies, to little transparencies… Wars are hard to follow anymore. Thank god for reality TV to take our mind of of it. (NOTE: SARCASM)

Thinking of WW2,  in Arlington Va, There was a gathering of some sort for Veterans, (Air Force I think, I dont recall being it is like nearly 4 am right now) at the Hyatt same time as our Narcolepsy Network Conference. Any time I ran into any of them, I tried to remember to thank them for thier service. Unfortunately, they are all coming up on the age where there wont be to many WW2 vets left. These people are not just random old people you know. They are Hero’s.

We could learn a great deal from old people if only we could put our cell phones down for a second long enough to have a real conversation. (You remember, the kind you don’t have to type!) It is extremely unfortunate that in our society, we dont have the same respect and consideration of our elders the way other cultures do.

Regardless of who is right and wrong in any situation, War, or otherwise, it is admirable to see people who will fight for what they believe in. Now a days there are so many causes, so many things to fight for, but so few people wanting to get off their ass and actually do anything about it. I will never be in any wars of course, but it makes me feel stronger about the things I do advocate for and wish to see accomplished, like volunteering for Narcolepsy awareness or promoting animal rights.

What do you believe in? What is close to your heart? What do you want to change about this world?

More importantly, What do you plan to do about it?


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