Funny Story circa 1995

I randomly remembered this today….

Once upon a time I knew this dude Seth. I dont remember his last name. He was crazy hot. Like Seriously CRAZY HOT. And he had a Pearl Jam tat on the back of his leg.

But never mind that it has nothing to do with the story.

Seth was playing Zelda (old school Zelda this was 1995ish) and you could name your own character in this game. His characters name was PNUS. (yeah. No jokey.)  So PNUS was out to save the princess or what ever it is you do on Zelda, I’m not really a gamer so I dont know… but PNUS ran across this wizard looking dude who was talking to him. The wizard said:

Um… PNUS… I didn’t want to get you involved in this.

Thats pretty much the end of the story. I have such a terrible time with my memory, when something comes back briefly, I try to write it down somewhere. It could be gone again in a moment.( Narcolepsy has  a way of messing with your head like that. ) At the time, I thought this was HILARIOUS. And I try to remember the happy times. Especially since there were so few of them from back then. At least from what I remember, which isn’t much.


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