My Mother Hates My Uterus.


Its that time of year again when all the Christmas cards come rolling in with the General “this is what happened this year” letter. Happily Unlike Saturday Night Live, No ones letter was written from their dead cats. ew!
Tonight though my Mother got a letter from he BFF from High School, (yes weirdly they still talk) And She was Blessed with 3 new Grandchildren this year. At this point of time as my Mom is reading this letter out loud to all of us, I get the over the shoulder LOOK. Yeah, you know the one…. The one that says you are making me look bad in front of my friends look. Perhaps everyone in Iowa is under the suspicion that I am secretly chasing skirts? I am not sure. The whole situation was less than pleasant. lol.
Clearly in Ohio it is completely ODD and out of place to not have 3 kids by the time you are 20 years old… But Now this year I will be 32, And have no screaming little monsters to show for it. Not for lack of trying mind you…  But considering the situation our country has fallen into I can almost count myself lucky really. But I am thinking in the world of Grandma’s that is no excuse.
I guess we will see how this year unfold… Perhaps I will be kind enough to hook her up with the bragging right for Christmas Cards of the future.
(But only if she agrees to babysit for me. Give and take Mom… Give and take…)


3 thoughts on “My Mother Hates My Uterus.

  1. Shweta says:

    Hey Marcianna – nice one it is, esp. the caption is very interesting. I was particularly amused by this – But considering the situation our country has fallen into I cant almost count myself lucky really.

    I didn’t know that people from developed countries too feel this way about their country!

  2. marcianna says:

    Ah, so true. Unfortunately many people are concerned over our economic upheaval in the last couple years. Granted we could definitely be worse off, but in my particular area jobs are very scarce, and crime and drugs are on the rise. We have been spoiled here for to long. I will say that is by far the truth. Sad isnt it?

  3. shweta says:

    ummmm…depends.What do you do?

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