Jujube Strikes Again

My nephew says the funniest things. I never know when I am about to collapse when I am around him. Yesterday, he did it again. Happily I was sitting eating dinner at the table and instead of landing in my food, I went sideways onto my sisters arm. Hurray for Sisters!

My Mom was telling J that since he switched schools and is no longer in his, that she has no one to talk to but herself on the way to school in the morning, since she is the one who used to take him to class. J then of course got this insanely funny face happening and said ” Grandma! Only old people talk to themselves!”  It was pretty classic.

The good news is, (especially for my mom) that apparently J doesn’t think she is old. Which, I don’t either… but that must have been very reassuring. That or perhaps a moment of realization. I’m not sure. I should ask her.

All the same, at the time it was freaking hilarious. He has that way about him. He is just like his Dad and Grandpa.


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