English Ain't English… or is it?

After an excruciating night trying to catch up on some English classes I missed last week, I have come to the conclusion that I missed out on more than a weeks worth of work. It seems that some things have drastically changed in the last fifteen years. Well, perhaps not drastically, but enough to warrant some major confusion on my part. Clearly the way things have been taught during this time has taken a turn. I expected the computer thing to be small hurdle of course, (I am not the greatest typist) but the language it self has actually changed. Word usage, what is acceptable what is not, and even the words themselves are all seeming brand new to me.

For example: Ain’t. What happened here? I specifically remember the old saying, ” Ain’t Ain’t A word because it Ain’t in the dictionary.” I was actually reading an article in my text book that used this word and I thought to myself, What kind of idiot publisher let this slip through? I sort of laughed a bit at that. But then I saw in the same article, the use of the word Execs. Execs meant as a shortened version of Executives. Not an abbreviation really;  just slang term. I was actually annoyed enough to look it up. and apparently it is appropriate to use it that way now. While I had the handy dandy Webster out, (2006 edition) I went ahead and looked up the word ain’t. And you ain’t gonna believe what I found out there.

Well, regardless of how well I did in English courses years ago, its plain to see this quarter ain’t going to be a cakewalk after all. I am definitely going to have some serious work ahead of me. Mostly the new basics, which are absolutely beyond me today. But tomorrow will be better. I hope.

(Ain’t? Seriously? What is the apostrophe for? Ai Not? I’ll never get this.)


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