Some of you can relate I am sure…

Ok I am trying really hard to stay awake right now. I am having some serious issues with Hallucinations here tonight. Ugh and all I want to do is go to sleep. It is pretty early in the morning right now and for some reason I got it in my head that If I can just make it till daylight  I will be ok. I have no idea why. There really is not any sort of rational reason to that at all but I am doing it anyway.

Seems I am going with the auditory versions this time. I was hearing music, which… should not have been there. started off with David Lee Roth’s Beautiful Girls and by time I could get out of it the next song had started and it was Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotions. What is particularly weird is that easily it could have been a radio or something you would think. That’s what it sounds like to me.  But Just as soon as I am able to move long enough to turn off my Bipap… poof music gone.

Besides all that, I have very strict rules in my bed room. (HA! Imagine that!) There is no radio or television, no lights no night light, no alarm clock nothing that will make any sort of noise or cast light at all. It helps keep my Hallucinations to a minimum. So there is literally nothing that could have been playing…except for in my head.

So what is so scary about music you ask? Well I will tell you. during this particular hallucination, My head thinks it is hearing music and has to some how logically come up with a source.  Well the source my brain is coming up with tonight is a car waiting in my driveway trying to be quiet while they wait for me to fall asleep so they can rob the house. Obviously, that is not what is really happening… but my brain needed a scape goat and that is the story it came up with for me.

Blah…. Total nonsense.

I am worn out.


One thought on “Some of you can relate I am sure…

  1. Main Man says:

    I do hope that you got some sleep. I have had similar experiences when my brain has desperately tried to find a “solution” to whatever is happening in my dream/hallucination. Fortunately for me, I have rarely had situations as tense as the one your brain was creating for you. I hope you are well!

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