The Internet: Bigger than a babys arm.

I watched a freaking CLASSIC movie last night. One of my favorites from when I was in High School. The oooooh so super sexy Christian Slater in “Pump up the Volume”.  (Oh yeah ladies, I know you remember this one! WOOT!)

So after watching this movie (which I dare say, (EEK!) came out almost 20 years ago… ) and a much-needed cold shower… I got to thinking about how media has a huge influence on us, and other media also. Life imitates art, art imitates life, art imitates art… however you want to see it… there is no denying the fact we have all in this generation began to become our own voice. The voice we are looking for is indeed, ourselves as it turns out. Who knew? How many of you are out there Twittering and Blogging and posting to Facebook, “Naked wearing only a **** ring“? Hahaha! you knew I was gonna ask …..

Ever since the internet became popular for public use in the mid 90’s, we have all been able to get our voices out there.  Obviously the workings for the World Wide Web were already underway, but having a movie out there specific to communication just a few years before it became public probably did wonders for the industry. And it also did wonders for a world at the time where we all had something to say… and wanted to do it without being beaten, pepper sprayed, arrested and god forbid taken out Kent State style… Yes, I think we have all learned from the 60’s and 70’s whether we were there or not. But what will future generations learn form us using this media? Or are we still being silenced in favor of the dramatic hamster or worse… two girls one cup?  ( “Do you ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely ****** up?” – Mark Hunter)

despite the stupidity that has become the Internet, which at one time held alot of potential, there are still those of us out there… being the voice for our generation, for our friends, for our causes, even for our country. “SO BE IT”.  Make what you say MATTER. If not to anyone else, make it matter to yourself.

So “TALK HARD” fellow bloggers… and do it for the right reasons.

And if you haven’t seen that movie, then do so…cuz if nothing else… Slater is SMOKIN HOT.


One thought on “The Internet: Bigger than a babys arm.

  1. Main Man says:

    Awesome comments and insights. As an educator, I am constantly stunned by the ways communication is changing (and the ways most schools are not). I think you are right on the mark in terms of how people’s voices are heard. I also know as a PWN that having the internet has been one of the most important coping tools in my life. Thanks for the awesome thoughts – also, is it cool if I think Christian is hot too?

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