Grass, they live on the stuff.

I had a dream. well, perhaps an elaborate hallucination, I am not sure.

But Lawn Gnomes were smoking pot in my bathroom. They had clearly snuck in the window to do this. I was not happy. But I did nothing. I just layed there being madder than all hell about it.

Thats all there was to it really.

Freakin pot heads! This gnome is for sale on Esty btw, click the pic for a link!

This is probably the shortest blog posted ever…but there isnt anything else to write.



2 thoughts on “Grass, they live on the stuff.

  1. Main Man says:

    Short and AWESOME! Lawn gnomes smoking pot in the bathroom. You should have kicked them out. Maybe next time!

  2. marcianna says:

    lol… you know I would have if I could have moved… you know the routine! lol…

    To clarify: I was mad because of the drug usage. I DO NOT Allow that in my home. Not Mad because they wouldn’t share…
    Just incase anyone asks… there is your answer. LOL.

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