NN Conference Milwaukee 08 ~Part Two~ first day

So after My adventures in the sky, life got seriously boring for awhile. I arrived at the hotel early around 10 o’clock and there wasn’t anyone there as far as I could tell. I was pretty bored. I wandered around a bit and then slept for a zillion hours. My room was pretty awesome. But I apparently did not have a roommate, which I knew that was wrong right off that bat and told them so…. but they did not do anything about it. When I finally found NN people around 4 or 5 I let them know, but it wasn’t resolved till the next day.  I’ll get into that later.

I thought it was cool that there was a tattoo convention going on at the same time. but it still amazes me how people who try to be so individual all look so much alike. I think it’s kinda funny. I cant even begin to tell you how many chics were rockin the Betty Paige hair, thinking of course they were super bad. Whatever.  If I roll my eyes any harder I will get dizzy from it!

So the first day was pretty mild… I finally ran into Stu Carpenter who hooked me up with his camera to do the pictures for the conference. And he was soooooooo RIGHT!!! I fell madly in love with that Camera! It was probably the best one I have ever used. He is so lucky I gave it back to him! I took alot of pictures, mostly candid stuff. It seemed to take a bit for people to get used to the fact I was there. But what is kinda neat about it, is that even though I did not get a chance to talk to everyone or meet everyone, Everyone there knew who I was even if they didn’t know my name.  That first day was kind of rough though. People dont like it when I sneak up on them. But they all seemed to have gotten used to it.

I am a little annoyed at myself at the moment, Because I have waited to long to write about this. My days are already starting to blur together. I’m probably going to forget a bunch of stuff now….. grrrrr……….

Ok I’m gonna have to stop here for now anyway, Tina is going into labor like Two months early. (for real this time…lol…) She is at the hospital now and they may be flying her to the Childrens Hospital in Akron. I want to get over to see her before they do…. That rotten kid! He is already a trouble maker!!!

To be continued…….

I just noticed I never got around to finishing this… lol. The attention span of a narcoleptic is a phenomenon all itself. Sadly it is freaking JULY now and I cant recall details and all that so far from the date.. but I assure you it was truly awesome. I am looking forward to Jacksonville!


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