freaking Zombies again…….. argh!

I have a serious SERIOUS fear of the undead. To the point of insanity really. Oh yes. I said it. And I just had another nightmare about Zombies. I get sooo tired of these! (Other Zombie post) So let me tell you why I am doomed to get only three hours of sleep now tonight.     ::sigh::

It started out like this:

Tina and I were chosen through a contest to go and investigate with TAPS on a live event, but were not told where we were going. We just got on a plane and showed up and they drove us there. We were both super excited about it seeing how this is something we like to do. When we got there we were told that this location was an old childrens hospital that no one had actually been inside for like 80 years or so. The place of interest was the morgue. Since the hospital was for children, and children were so small, and the place was seriously over crowded, there was the possibility that we may find some bodies that had been over looked. I looked straight at Jay and Grant and said “You got me messed up if you think I’m going in there! Not a chance!” They were seriously upset about this. And with good reason, they just flew us out there and I wasn’t going in. I understand that. Off camera they complained about me constantly. On camera they were complete angels and were comparing me to Steve, how they would never make him do something he was not comfortable with. Well as it turns out they used to use tarantula’s in some sort of experiments with these poor kids back in the day, and since then the tarantula’s have bred… so Steve was out too. So we just kinda hung out and helped the sound and light crew on the outside.

At one point of time the director told us to wait by the door they would be coming out in about 15 minutes. Which was cool with Steve, but I was like uh… no. I want a weapon just in case. And this director, who was a woman, was running around like mad trying to find something I could use but would not be unusual in the shot. She found something, I dont know what it was but it was heavy and metal and shaped like a giant letter T.  I told Steve to get on his radio and warn them to not come out playing around it wasn’t funny, so he did. And the response was this long drawn out groan…… I was freaking out. Then Tina, from somewhere inside, was on the radio, and was going off at them. She said “Listen you Idiots! If you value your life you will take this seriously! She will bash your head in. Count on it.”  It got quiet for a sec and then Tango was on the radio “Are you serious?” And Tina responded “Absolutely”.

They ended up coming out and Steve and I greeted them and asked how it went and blah blah blah….  And then the show was over… Everyone was safe and unbitten… So Tina and I packed up and went home. On the way back home she told me that Jay and Grant both told her that for once, because of me, It was actually scarier to be outside the haunted building than it was inside. I did kinda feel bad about that. But you can never be to careful about dead bodies just laying around like that you know? And that was the end of my dream. Oh except that I got a cool T-shirt and a flashlight out of the deal. That happened too.

Okay, So the dream was ridiculous I know, and didn’t actually involve Zombies… though it could have easily. It was enough to get me out of bed and blogging about it. That makes it one of my serious ones. So don’t laugh! There are things you guys are all afraid of too! Wussies!


2 thoughts on “freaking Zombies again…….. argh!

  1. Ener Hax says:

    TAPS? wow, so what i am gonna say here pales in comparison to Jay and Grant (btw, did you know that Grant is a major writer and does graphic art?)

    anyway, if you ever want to face virtual zombies (call it therapy or training). come into second life and fight them in my park

    lol, they actually can kill you (just sends you home)

    i like your big letter T as a weapon 🙂

  2. marcianna says:

    LOL!!! This was Just a dream! Tina and I never have been on TAPS. Way to funny!

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