NN Conference Milwaukee 08 The flight out…

Last weekend was truly eye opening in many many ways.  I went to the Narcolepsy Network conference in Milwaukee. I learned so much about myself that it was astounding. The whole trip was kinda overwhelming.

So lets start out with the flight there. I found that I not only am not a fan of flying, but flying over water seemed to especially stressful. DID NOT LIKE.  My first plane from Akron Ohio to Detroit Michigan was very very early in the morning it left at 6am. Security was a pain in the butt. I nearly missed my flight. But when I did reach the plane, (which was an old prop plane, also scary) the girl I had to sit next to was a royal um…. yeah, you know. I’m not even going to go into all that. I had also taken a five hour energy drink because I was worried about my stuff being taken which turned out to be a big mistake. I would have rather slept through the bad weather and turbulence and psycho seat mate…. next time I will know. When the weather cleared, I got to see the sunrise from a different perspective which was totally cool, till of course I noticed we were flying over water…. very very not cool.

The second leg of the flight I was actually able to get some sleep. Which made it much more tolerable. I seem to have these massive religious  experiences when I am scared about stuff and this was one of those times because once again, we were flying over water…. Again very not cool.

Now this part is so awesome that It deserves it’s own paragraph.

Looking out over the tops of the clouds usually is very distressing to me. But this particular time was truly amazing. I can’t even think of proper words to describe how I felt about this. Here is why. The clouds were in perfect formation, all of them close together looking like a herd of white elephants with their noses pointed to the sun. There were hundreds of these clouds. And I instantly felt calm and at peace. It was a sign of course. I only wish that I had not put my camera in the other bag…. I think some time I will be painting this sight.  Traditionally in  India , Ganesha, (an Elephant) is the most worshiped deity of Hinduism. He is known as the Lord of Obstacles, both for removing them and for placing them for those who need to be paying more attention…   given the things going on in my life at this time I found this omen particularly amazing.  I might also note that in the Buddhist Religion, White Elephants are connected to Fertility and Knowledge…..  hmmmm… I should probably stick to the knowledge part for now…. Especially since I learned so much this weekend!

I dont subscribe to any particular Religion. I  like to think that I am open to everything and I am so happy that I am because I would not have recognized this sign otherwise. And it truly meant something to me. The universe speaks in several different ways. Why not a herd of White Elephants to safely guard my journey to  others who were able to teach me so much about myself?  This may make sense only in my own head, but I am totally willing to accept that. Especially since no one else seemed to have noticed them. (I actually pointed it out to the business guy sitting next to me and he was clearly unimpressed. Oh well….)


One thought on “NN Conference Milwaukee 08 The flight out…

  1. Kimberly says:

    Your description of the elephant clouds and how they affected you was truly inspirational. There’s definitely a message there.

    I always find that I am moved by the power and beauty of “the universe” when I look into the sky and see a ray of sun breaking through a cloud and stretching all the way to the earth.

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